Hello, my name is Anne Widdop, and together with Morag Webster we are Fuze Ceremonies.

How did we get involved in providing professional and bespoke ceremonies?

After writing and conducting the tribute at a family funeral (as I couldn’t find any-one who could do it) and then trying to find someone to conduct my marriage ceremony, I was astounded by the lack of provision for people who wanted a highly personal ceremony.  I struggled to find out celebrants availability, the prices seemed to vary widely and I was concerned with the lack of any back-up or organisation behind ‘independent’ celebrants.  Were they insured?  Were they disclosed?  What if they didn’t turn up on the day?  It would be great to see Celebrant profiles online, the prices, the services and to know they are backed up by a professional organisation.  So, Fuze Ceremonies was born!

A few months later Morag joined me. We all wanted to help people who had the same headache as me. We want to provide excellent service and great value. Pretty soon the word spread and within a short period of time we were inundated with couples wanting to get married, families with a naming day, families wanting a highly personal tribute at a funeral and people wanting advice about their celebration or commemoration.

That was in 2011 and from modest beginnings we have grown to become one of the most trusted names in the industry. We could cover the entire office 100 times over with cards and letters of gratitude we have received from couples, families and clients.

Every company is only as good as its people. We have carefully selected the most professional, intelligent, enthusiastic ceremony officers anyone could hope to work with. Their meticulous attention to detail and friendly manner is one of the reasons we are leading from the front in the industry. Creating personalised ceremonies is our passion.

Get in touch with us here or call 0800 014 8237.