What is love anyway

We’ve just had an exhilarating weekend at the Scottish Wedding Show at the SECC Glasgow.  We had great fun and great conversations with hundreds of couples who are planning to get married.

We also spoke to a student who was attending the wedding show to do some research. She is writing about what she describes as the erosion of the sentiments of Marriage in Scotland.  Her observations are that couples are now focused solely on the bling and not the true meaning.

She was visibly moved when we explained that Fuze enables couples to have that personal, emotional and legal union encapsulated in a marriage ceremony that is created exclusively for them.

What has become clear? It is true that the significance of the actual marriage ceremony itself – the part of the wedding where vows are exchanged and that union takes place – has largely been forgotten.

Yet it’s understandable.  We do live in times where the primary focus has shifted to expensive fashion, luxurious surroundings, teeth whitening and designer stationery, but it’s not because couples planning their wedding don’t care.

It’s down to a lack of choice in personalised ceremonies.

This weekend at the SECC has demonstrated that couples have a desire for a unique and extra special Wedding Day.  People still strive for perfection, and are seeking a sense of emotional elevation.  Up till now, no-one has provided this.

So now there is now a new way to get married.

Fuze.  Your Wedding Day is about you!

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