Becoming a Fuze Foundation Marriage Officer

When people ask me ‘So, what do you do for a living?’ I excitedly explain back that ‘I conduct all kinds of Humanist ceremonies and ‘I do’ legal Humanist Marriage ceremonies in Scotland

(…Yes, I know, a terrible pun, most of my ceremonies have a little humour, but a much higher standard of humour! I promise)

The next question normally is ‘How did you get to be doing do that?’

I came to humanist work after attending many Marriages, Christenings and Funerals. I have to admit that I found the services some-times disappointing; they were often bound in religious traditions, or were impersonal registry office affairs. They didn’t always reflect the identities and values of those involved. I wanted to learn new ways to celebrate those important events in people’s lives.

After doing some research, I decided to train with Fuze Ceremonies and The Fuze Foundation in early 2012, and I have never looked back. Becoming a Humanist marriage officer and celebrant was a turning point in my life, it felt like coming home and a very natural progression. Humanist values are so important to me. I believe that we can all make a difference in this world and conducting Humanist Ceremonies for people is one of the ways that I can make a positive contribution, as well as giving something back.

Every family and couple I have worked with to date have simply been fantastic, and being a celebrant is a hugely important part of my life – I get to work creatively with you to create a day that is truly about you and for you.

What’s not to love about this job? My ceremonies are personal and inclusive: they can be intimate, reflective, moving and special occasions, which are based on your story and your ideas about love and commitment. I believe that there is no need to ‘be a humanist’ to have a humanist celebration.

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