Haddington Wedding Outdoors in Scotland

We look back our photos and we always say what a great day it was. We went to a wedding a couple of weeks ago and it was no way near as good, so we’re really really thankful for everything that you did for us.
Bobby & Julie

An Outdoor Wedding

When Bobby and Julie told me that they wanted to get married outside, they were concerned about the legalities involved and if it was even legal. The great thing about choosing a Humanist Marriage ceremony is that in Scotland, the licence is held by the individual humanist marriage officer, not the location, so this allows couples the freedom to marry almost anywhere.

The location was really important to Julie and Bobby as they wanted a view looking over to The Bass Rock, East Lothian, because Bobby had proposed on a coastal walk with the same view.

Even though it was a windy September afternoon, it was warm and pleasant enough, so it did not detract from the ceremony at Whitekirk Golf Club, Haddington.

Unique Marriage Ceremony

As keen gardeners, Bobby and Julie were keen to plant a sapling. This symbolised the roots of their relationship, and the continued growth of their love, as on their wedding day, they became each other’s family.

We also included their story about their journey as a couple and how excited Bobby was at becoming a stepdad, and cementing their family bonds. Being keen on all things arts and craft, the rings that they exchanged, had been hand crafted by them. Bobby also turned his hand to Kilt making. He made his own and his best man’s. After having a professional critique of his handiwork, he was told that they were of an excellent standard and could be retailed, so after the wedding, bobby did just that and now makes handmade kilts.

As it was an outside ceremony and most of the guests were standing, it felt a little more relaxed and we were able to have a wee giggle at a few points; mainly when one of the younger guests high tailed it across the green with his mother in hot pursuit.

After the ceremony, The happy couple made their way back to the club house in their wedding car, a golf buggy, and we signed the marriage schedule and toasted the bride and groom.

Again, congratulations to Mr & Mrs Gordon and their long future together.

Morag Adams Marriage OfficerFind out more about Scottish wedding celebrant, Morag Adams, here.

Photography courtesy of Kevin Sinclair

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