Runaway Brides Glasgow Womens 10k May

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Anne Widdop

Runaway Bride - Anne Widdop - Fuze Foundation
Yes, I married in RED!
Memory of dress – I smile every-time I think of the day I married, especially after a 21 year engagement! One of the best days of my life so far.

Victoria Bisland

Runaway Team - Victoria Bisland - Fuze Foundation
Fuze company director, entrepreneur, marriage officer, funeral celebrant, mother – phew! Oh, and training for a run

Morag Adams

Runaway Bride - Morag Adams - The Fuze Foundation
I have decided to join the Runaway brides on the 12th May 2013 prior to my own wedding later on in the year. I feel it’s a great opportunity to do several things; raise money for some fantastic causes, get fit and have a laugh along the way, and I get to wear a wedding dress twice in the one year

I can’t wait for my own big day, but I am really excited about the run too, and I promise I will only be the runaway bride on the 12th May for one day only.

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