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If you and your loved one have decided that a humanist ceremony is for you, then the next step is planning your special day.  Here are some helpful wedding ceremony ideas, tips and advice to aid you in your planning.

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Book Your Wedding CelebrantYou will need music for several points throughout the ceremony, from background music to settle your guests into the venue to that all important song the bride will walk down the isle to.  Because you are having a humanist ceremony, the music you choose is entirely up to you. Be sure to ready your favourite songs to make your special day that little bit more personal.


It would be lovely if you could share this day with those that you hold dear, and a great way to do this is asking a loved one to do a reading for you.  The reading can be anything you want; it could be a story about your childhood, how you two are perfect for each other, a poem or even a quote from your all time favourite movie.  What makes humanist ceremonies special is that although they are based on non-religious principles, you may include aspects of religion custom in respect to your family, like reading from a holy book.

Symbolic Gestures

Another great thing to do is something to symbolise your unity to one another, and there are many different and beautiful ways to do this.  If the two of you are from different backgrounds, this would be a great way to show acceptance and appreciation for one another, as well as honouring each other’s families.  Symbolic gestures are a great way to further personalise your wedding, making it unique to you. A few nice examples of symbolic gestures are hand fasting, paper lantern releasing and tree planting.

Watch Video on Humanist Marriage Ceremonies

If you have any questions or would like to see more examples of the things mentioned above, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

For more ideas on different symbolic gestures for your wedding click here.

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