Perfect Planning and Presentation

It still amazes me that a room, you have perhaps only seen set up for a meeting or left as an empty space, can seemingly be magically transformed into a scene you have been carrying about in your head for months, even years.

One of the biggest transformations for me though, sorry if I offend any-one, is those horrid conference chairs.  They have now been dressed with perfectly pressed chair covers and beautifully hand tied coloured tie backs and finish the clean lines in the room.

Best thing about all of this, I didn’t have to lift a finger.  It was all expertly created for me while I spent the morning getting ready with my Bridesmaids.

I had considered buying the chair covers and tie backs and doing the table dressing myself, well I am so glad that I didn’t.  I wouldn’t have made any where as good a job as leaving it to the professionals.

I had been advised to make sure that the materials used were good quality, and again I am glad I heeded that advice as, after seeing some ‘cheaper imitations’, the little bit extra I spent made all the difference and you can even see this in the pictures we had taken on the day.

Working with a decoration specialist, I was given advice I wouldn’t have gotten other wise. A keen eye for details and the knowledge of what works &  doesn’t meant I knew we were in safe hands, and I knew we weren’t going to have to worry about a thing.

If you have any questions for our Event Decorator, please feel free to contact us

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