Destination Scotland

Scotland is a very attractive and popular destination to get married in. It offers a unique backdrop to any wedding with its wonderful natural scenery, spectacular castles and a wealth of history and traditions. In 2013, Scotland saw 27, 547 registered marriages as well as 530 civil partnerships. From those born and bred here to those with ancestral roots as well as many celebrities getting wed: Scotland is a desirable location.

In Scotland, the size, style and location (if you’re having a Humanist Ceremony) of your wedding is completely up to you. Besides the legal vows, you are only bound by your imagination. As your celebrant holds the license to marry having a ceremony in some of Scotland’s most unique locations is entirely possible.

We have had the pleasure of conducting numerous wedding ceremonies all over Scotland. From the middle of Whitecraigs Golf Course in Haddington to the top of Aonach Mor in the Highlands. From a yacht on Loch Lomond, to family homes and family farms. The possibilities really are endless.

We’ve got upcoming weddings at many of Scotland’s iconic locations including Eilean Dolan Castle, Crear, Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh and Brig O Doon. Our celebrants diaries are filling up fast and we even have bookings for 2017…if you’re thinking about having a Humanist Ceremony have a look at our celebrants profiles.

If you’re thinking about getting married in Scotland we can guide you through the process of filling out the legal paperwork, making your wedding planning as stress free as possible.

2014 will see Scotland play host to many spectacular events. From the 2014 Commonwealth Games, The Ryder Cup, MTV Music Awards, as well as the year of the homecoming, which will include a year long programme of events and festivals. Our event management team can assist you in planning any of your own events too.

Perhaps you’d like to come back to Scotland to revisit your ancestral roots. It’s the year of homecoming and we can also help you plan a personal and meaningful homecoming ceremony.

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