Drinking from the Quaich

The word ‘Quaich’ is derived from the Gaelic word ‘Cuach’ which means ‘shallow cup’ or as we know it today ‘drinking cup’. The Quaich originated in the Scottish Highlands many centuries ago and became the favourite drinking cup throughout Scotland.

Drinking from a Quaich is an ancient Scottish ceremony, symbolic of trust, love and peace between two people. It was traditionally used when offering a guest the ‘cup of welcome’ and again when offering the farewell or parting drink.

Nowadays a Quaich can be incorporated into a Humanist marriage ceremony and is just one of the many symbolic gestures that couples can choose from. It is used as a symbol of the life couples will share together and the Quaich represents the cup of life. In drinking from the same cup, couples are symbolizing your commitment to share all that their future may bring.

If you are looking to incorporate the Quaich or any other symbolic gestures into your wedding ceremony then do take a look at our other suggestions.

By Morag Webster

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