Pre-loved Wedding Dress

Thinking about buying a pre-loved wedding dress?

It’s your big day and of course what you are wearing is going to be super important to both you and your guests. You have your dream designer dress in mind, but do you have the space in your budget to accommodate for this?

There are many ways to break through this barrier to make your day perfect and feel fabulous in what you are wearing. Have you considered renting a dress? Or what about buying a second hand dress? This is becoming an evermore-popular trend and more and more brides are seeking out their perfect pre-loved wedding dress.

Here are some top tips in seeking out the perfect pre-loved dress:

You need to give it time! This is not as easy as walking into one bridal shop and seeing an array of gorgeous dresses, it will take time and you need to be patient and shop around.

Make sure to shop around-look everywhere. Shop in all types of boutiques, markets, thrift shops, dress sales, auctions and also try looking in a few different towns.

Ask for advice! If you don’t see any wedding dresses you like in a store then ask the staff and they may be able to point you in the right direction. They may also be able to keep an eye out for you and call you if something comes into store which you may like.

Don’t turn a dress away because it has a dirty mark! A good dry cleaner will remove almost all dirt stains so don’t let this put you off a dress, which you would have fallen in love with otherwise.

Leave space in your budget for alterations! Minor alterations on a wedding dress may seem small but can be very fiddly and hard to do. Seamstress costs can be around £150-£200 so you must be sure to consider this when buying your dress.

Now, would you consider buying a second hand dress?

If you’re mother of the bride and not sure where to start with finding something to wear, have a look at our top tips from last week.

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