Greywalls Hotel and Chez Roux is uniquely situated on the edge of Muirfield championship golf course with stunning views over East Lothian and the Firth of Forth. Overlooking the world famous greens of the 9th & 18th holes, it has earned itself a reputation as ‘a golfers’ paradise!’

However, Greywalls isn’t just for the keen golfer; the elegant house, enchanting gardens and stunning location make it a truly beautiful location for a wedding. The house provides an impressive backdrop to your celebration with versatile facilities that can make your wedding day a joy for you and each one of your guests.

Greywalls offer exclusive use of the house and gardens for your wedding.  Guests will be able to stroll in the garden, sip champagne on the lawn and take in the views over the gardens and Muirfield golf course.

A marriage ceremony at Greywalls is a very special experience. The ceremony can be held in the Sun Room which overlooks the beautiful gardens, elsewhere in the house or of course in the garden itself.

I had the pleasure of conducting a ceremony in August 2014 in the spectacular gardens of Greywalls.  Anna and Cody had travelled with their family from Little Rock, Arkansas, USA.  They had wanted to get married at Greywalls as they felt it was a historic place filled with tradition, natural beauty and peace. They wanted something special to remember Scotland by, and well what a way to create a special memory.

Both the Groom and the Bride’s Father are keen golfers, so they made sure to make the most of the local courses and being so close to the coast, the Bride, her Mum and Sister were able to take in the spectacular views on the coastal walks nearby.

The ceremony took place in the gardens of the house.  It was a dry day, although it was a little breezy to say the least, the gardens offer a lot of shelter and there was no issue with being outside.  Anna was escorted from the house by her Father and they were piped to the area the ceremony was being held.  As there was only eight of us, and that’s including the piper and photograher, it was very informal, but it was exactly what they had wanted.

I can imagine that Greywalls must be a photographer’s dream come true.  So many stunning backdrops in such close proximity to each other, I think the photographer John McDermott was in his element and having seen the final photos, so were Anna and Cody.

Congratulations again to Mr & Mrs McGrath and I hope you visit Scotland again soon.

And thanks to John for sharing his brilliant pictures.

Alternative Humanists
Òran Mór, Glasgow