Happy Anniversary

It is hard to believe that the Royal Wedding was 3 years ago! It doesn’t seem that long ago since the world was introduced to Kate Middleton- a potential candidate for Prince Wiliam’s wife but actually, William and Catherine have been together since their days at St Andrews University, many, many years ago. It’s thought they actually met before their St Andrews Days.

After a short engagement of around 6 months on the 29th April 2011, over 2 billion people all over the world watched the Royal wedding. Traditionally, it’s the bride’s parents that foot the bill for the wedding, but like a lot of modern weddings the Royal family also contributed. The wedding has been said to cost around 20 million-not your average wedding budget.

Now they’ve been happily married for 3 whole years. Where has the time gone?

2013, was a milestone year for the pair with Kate giving birth to another heir to the throne. The press anxiously waited outside St Mary’s Hospital for a month awaiting the arrival! The Royals had Prince George christened at the Chapel Royal where Princess Diana lay before her funeral and not at Buckingham Palace, like his dad, grandfather and Great Grandmother the Queen.  There was speculation that another Royal baby was on its way this year but William was quick to put those rumours to rest…”one’s enough for now!”

Prince George has only been seen in public twice within the last 8 months-once on his departure from the hospital and secondly as the arrived in New Zealand earlier this month. Prince George also got to enjoy a play date with others born around the same time as himself and he looked ever so cute!

Three years on the couple appear to be more in love than ever!

Happy Anniversary Will and Kate!

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