Happy Humanist

I often see the phrase ‘Happy Humanist’, and today, I took the time to really consider the saying.

I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon, in beautiful weather, travelling to Eilean Donan Castle, to witness my colleague, Alicia Chapple, conduct a Humanist ceremony of marriage. I myself have had the pleasure of conducting such ceremonies in some stunning locations in Scotland, but thus far, have never travelled this far north for a ceremony.

I was truly happy, driving up the west coast on such a glorious afternoon and although there were a few points that my travel was reduced to a snail’s pace as tourists slowed to take in the stunning views, (and who could blame them!), as well as some hairy bends, the slower pace allowed me the time to marvel at the stunning scenery and truly appreciate how happy Scotland’s scenery makes me feel.

It has been over 8 years since I last took the road to the Kyle of Lochalsh, and I was yet again taken aback by its spectacular setting , this country really does have the most amazing natural offerings.

Humanism promotes a care for the natural world and it also allows me to take the time to consider my responsibility to care for this spectacular planet, so her I am, very nearly at my final destination, enjoying a fresh cup of coffee at the Dornie Hotel, enjoying the glorious sunshine, taking in the views and a near cloudless sky.

We have one life to live and the obligation to make every day count, and today, I feel I have certainly achieved that.

Click here to find out more about the Fuze Foundation or the Humanist Declaration 

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