Humanist Marriage Ceremonies

A Humanist Ceremony – The Freedom to personalise your ceremony.

The Humanist Ceremony of Marriage offers couples a great deal of choice with the content and allows them the freedom to express what marriage means to them, in their own words.

Since Humanist Marriage ceremonies became legally recognised in Scotland in 2005, the number of such ceremonies has increased by an average of 20% year on year, showing that more and more couples are choosing the most personal of ceremonies.

The ceremony focuses on the humanist philosophy, of an ethical life, based on a concern for humanity and the natural world, and aims to unite rather than divide, by celebrating the love that the happy couple share.

But just as importantly, it focuses on the couple, their story, their choices, their wishes and reflects their personalities. Whether this involves celebrating their journey as a couple, hand picking the readings that reflect the feelings the couple have for each other, or choosing the symbolic gestures which are most appropriate for the couple.

Whether this is candle lighting, a parent’s well wishing, a Mexican hug, a hand fasting or drinking from a Quaich, there are many symbolic gestures which can bring the ceremony to life or bring a little light-heartedness too. Many of the symbolic gestures are steeped in history and culture, many are truly inspiring, but all are simple and effective and usually don’t require any kind of rehearsal beforehand.

At Fuze, we pride ourselves in working closely with couples and getting to know them, which allows us to compose and conduct the most personal of ceremonies and it’s such an honour to do so.

That magical moment when the declarations are made and sealed with a kiss, it’s truly inspiring, emotional and will never go out of fashion!

If you’re thinking about having a Humanist wedding ceremony here in Scotland why not get in touch and arrange to meet one of our celebrants. If it’s advice your after then free to give us a call or have a look at our blogs which offer some great planning tips.

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