Fusion without falling out!

Sometimes coming to agreement over ceremony content can be a little difficult – especially when the couple are from different religious backgrounds. However, if they have decided to have a Humanist marriage ceremony and therefore a non-religious wedding, this doesn’t always sit easily with both families. Some families have difficulty in accepting this and in cases like this we can usually offer some sort of help to make the day as perfect for them as possible. By respecting everyone’s views, without compromising the whole ethos of Humanism, we do our very best to offer an alternative in creating a unique and memorable ceremony for the couple.

At Fuze Ceremonies, we pride ourselves on composing and conducting highly personal and bespoke legal Humanist marriage ceremonies and our authorisation from the Registrar General allows us to solemnise Marriage ceremonies in any location in Scotland. But most importantly, our approach and flexibility are highly important to us. We do our utmost to incorporate cultural heritage and any religious background which the couple and their families require. However, this must be within reason and although we will happily allow family members, friends or other guests to contribute to the ceremony, we will not deliver any religious content ourselves.

I met a wonderful couple called Ryan and Erica who were indeed from Catholic and Jewish family backgrounds, and not wanting to have a very short and formal Civil Ceremony delivered by a Registrar, they found me!

I knew that Erica’s Jewish heritage meant a great deal to her and her family and I was immediately struck by both Ryan and Erica’s enthusiasm for me to create a very unique wedding for them! With this in mind, I took the opportunity to discuss our options with them, Rabbi Mark, an Interfaith Consultant on Liberal Judaism and Erica’s family, in order to work out a favourable compromise, which everyone would be happy with.

I suggested that I conduct A Humanist Marriage ceremony including the legal declarations, and after my part was over, I would invite the Rabbi to then step forward to conduct a Jewish blessing.  Therefore between us all, we created a happy fusion, with something for everyone!

I’m delighted to say that the ceremony was exactly what they wanted with a very personalised, emotional, but really happy pronouncement of Husband and Wife, followed by the Jewish Blessing.

Erica’s many family members who had travelled north from London to Scotland for this unique occasion, enjoyed the fabulous surroundings and excellent traditional Scottish hospitality of the beautiful and very festively decorated Brig o’ Doon House Hotel in Alloway.

Both families and friends commented on the total uniqueness of the whole day and it was a complete pleasure for me too!

Gillian Phillips is one of our most experienced celebrants and has had the pleasure of conducting numerous Humanist ceremonies all over Scotland. If you’d like to know more about having a Humanist marriage ceremony then why not get in touch.

Images courtesy of Heyes Images.

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