Naming Day Ceremonies

We are often asked “What is a Baby Naming Ceremony?  So we have put together a handy guide with everything you need to know;

A naming ceremony provides families who choose to live their lives without religion, a perfect opportunity to welcome their precious child, with a meaningful, memorable and highly personal ceremony, without the need for prayers, hymns or worship. It allows the couple and their nearest and dearest to gather together to enjoy welcoming the child into the world.

A naming ceremony can be held anywhere that feels right for you and your family, whether it’s at home, in the back garden, in a nice hotel or function room. It’s getting your family and friends together to welcome your new arrival that counts.

The time of day can be important, and it’s always a good idea to ensure that the ceremony coincides with the little ones routine. So if you were to say 1pm, would this be when your child is likely to need a snack, or a wee nap? The celebrant will always be flexible and work around the little one on the day, so if the ceremony is late in getting going because a certain someone needs a fresh nappy, or has decided to have a bit of a cry, then that’s okay too!

Your chosen celebrant will meet with you and your family, give you lots of ideas for the ceremony content, offer guidance and support, compose the ceremony based on your preferred choices and email the first draft for your approval.

For many couples and families these days, the idea of being able to create a truly unique and memorable ceremony, allows them to express their feelings towards their new born child in their own words, and allows them to express how they feel about becoming parents, (whether it’s for the first time or not!). This means that the ceremony is about the child, about the family and genuinely celebrates the sheer joy of being a family, whether big or small, everyone can be involved and join in the celebrations.

And what better way to welcome a new family member with a naming ceremony. We have a team of celebrants based all over Scotland that would be delighted to create a ceremony for you and your family.

Get in touch today for more information!

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