Thinking about proposing on Valentines Day? You’re not the only one.

For some, Valentines Day is just a commercial holiday but those who don’t think the holiday is over-rated believe it to be a day dedicated to showing your love for someone. Whether thats through flowers, chocolates or even a proposal.

Valentines Day marks the unofficial end to engagement season and it’s a highly popular day to pop the question. If you’re thinking about proposing this weekend then here’s some videos of others around the world getting down on one knee.

Ellen Proposal

Paris Proposal

Waterfall Proposal

Peter Pan, Glasgow Proposal

Braehead, Glasgow Proposal

George Square, Glasgow Ice Skating Proposal

We have to warn you if you are planning a public proposal then it might be a good idea to see if they actually want to marry you first (most couples will have had a chat about marriage to some extent). Another piece of advice…a public proposal isn’t for everyone so be sure to make it a memorable one for the right reasons after all, we wouldn’t want this happening to you…

Proposal Fails

If you’re already engaged, congratulations! Getting married is an exciting time and the choice that you have for your big day is endless. If you’re looking to create a personal and meaningful ceremony have you thought about having a Humanist Ceremony?



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