Quirky Symbolic Gestures


Mexican Hug anyone?

When selecting symbolic gestures for their ceremony, many couples like to keep things fairly light hearted, and even inject a little fun for their guests into the ceremony, and a perfect way to do this is with the ‘Mexican Hug’.

Most people are familiar with the tradition of shaking hands with the person sitting next to you, during many types of ceremony, particularly during church services. But the Mexican Hug is a slightly more familiar version and a great way to help everyone in the room feel relaxed, including the nervous Bride and Groom! The Mexican Hug begins with the couple giving each other a hug, and then turning round and hugging the person next to them, they then in turn hug the person next to them and the hug moves through the room, similar to a Mexican wave, until everyone in the room has been well and truly hugged!

Alternatively, couples could opt for a slightly less familiar Mexican High Five, which is just as nice, and again, a bit of lighthearted fun for everyone involved. Ultimately, this symbolic gesture is about creating a nice atmosphere in the room and about passing the love the Bride and Groom feel for each other to their guests, before the serious commitments begin.

In my experience as a Celebrant, I find this symbolic gesture to be appropriate when the number of guests is less than 50, otherwise, it can be a bit lengthy, but it always makes me smile too.

There are many symbolic gestures to include in your Humanist Wedding Ceremony and it’s not uncommon to have more than one. There is no structure set in stone for your ceremony and besides the legal vows you are only bound by your imagination. Our celebrants can guide you through the whole process and design a ceremony that truly reflects you and your husband.

By Victoria Bisland.



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