Scotland becomes the 17th Country to legalise same-sex marriage

With 105 votes to 18, the Scottish Parliament passed the Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Bill making Scotland the 17th country to legalise same-sex marriage. The passing of the bill marks a historic moment and a great day for equality in this country. We could see the first same-sex weddings taking place in the autumn. By this time it’s expected that Northern Ireland will be the only part of the UK that does not allow same-sex marriage. The first same-sex marriages in England and Wales could take place as early as March this year due to legislation already passed by Westminster Parliament.

Alex Neil, the Scottish Health Secretary said:

“This legislation sends a powerful message to the world about the kind of society we in Scotland are trying to create – a nation where the principles of fairness and equality are weaved into the very fabric of our society, a nation that protects and promotes freedom of expression, a nation that cherishes love” (Vale, 2014).

2014 really is a landmark year for Scotland.


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Vale, P. (2014). Scottish Parliament Passes Bill That Allows Same-Sex Couples To Marry.

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