Spring Wedding Flowers

Flowers often play a central role in weddings. From bridal bouquets, buttonholes, centrepieces, and general décor, flowers are a wonderful way to bring a pop of colour to your wedding, or any special day. Spring weddings are lucky to have a choice of a variety of seasonal flowers. Tulips and Hyacinths have come into season and later into the Spring many brides choose to have Peonies. Fragrant flowers are chosen in spring, with their fragrance not being too overpowering. With regards to colour schemes, Spring weddings are often associated with light tones, softer colours, yellows, lilacs, pinks, gentle and delicate offerings.

Seasonal Spring flowers are great arranged with flowers that are available all year round such as roses and orchids.

What does your bouquet colour mean?

Blue: Trustworthy, dependable, committed. A constant in our live (Hyacinths)

Green: Nature, fertility and life. Symbolises respect, well-being and balance (Carnations)

Yellow: Optimism, enlightenment, happiness. Promise of a positive future. (Daffodils)

Purple: Dignity, success, accomplishment. A symbol of royalty (Petunias)

Pink: Happiness, grace, love and joy (Roses)

White: Purity and cleanliness. A fresh start (Magnolias)

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your wedding flowers. Not sure on what and how to include flowers into your big day. Why not ask our expert florists. Both Roz and Jennifer are very talented and offer something completely unique. For more information, contact us here. 



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