Fun Facts of Glasgow

The 2014 Commonwealth Games have finally arrived and the rest of the world have all eyes on Scotland, and in particular Glasgow.

Back in November 2007 the news that Glasgow were to be the 2014 hosts of the Commonwealth Games swept the country, and now 6 and half years later, it’s finally here! Now that the games are in full swing we wanted to give you some fun facts about Scotland and Glasgow. So whether you’re visiting Glasgow for the first time whether you’re a fellow scot or you’re coming from further a field we thought we’d tell you something you might not already know.

  • The phrase ‘Glasgow kiss’ is given in the Oxford Dictionary to mean a head butt.
  • Scotland is the only country in the UK that legally recognises Humanist Weddings.
  • Scotland is one of the few countries who have hosted the Commonwealth Games more than once, the last was in 1986.
  • The Glasgow Tower located on the River Clyde holds a Guinness World record for being the tallest tower in the world in which the whole structure is capable of rotating 360 degrees.
  • The River Clyde is 100 miles long
  • The Mitchell Library in Glasgow is the largest public reference library in Europe.
  • Cineworld Glasgow, is the worlds largest cinema.
  • The Bank of Scotland, founded in 1695, is the oldest surviving bank in the UK. It was also the first bank in Europe to print its own bank notes.
  • The word Glaswegian is thought to have been introduced in 1817 by Sir Walter Scot.
  • The first official international football match was played at the West of Scotland Cricket Club in Partick in 1872, between Scotland and England.
  • Scotland includes over 700 islands. Including Orkney, Shetland and the Hebrides.


Do you have any other fun facts to share with us about Scotland? Get in touch!

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