The World Cup and Sports Themed Weddings

The World Cup 2014 officially kicks off today, can you believe it’s been 4 years since the last? Brazil will play Croatia in the opening match this evening and with the world in football mode we’ve decided to join in too. Check out our pinterest for ideas on sports themed weddings.

We got thinking…wouldn’t it be amazing to get married in your favourite sports venue? Well, we already have a couple tying the knot at Easter Road this summer. Being big Hibs fans the couple found it the perfect wedding venue for them. It’s great that in Scotland you have the freedom to get married anywhere, allowing you and your partner the freedom to let your personalities shine through.

It’s not uncommon for couples to get engaged whilst at their favourite sports venues. Have we all seen Kanye Wests extravagant proposal to Kim Kardashian? He hired out the entire San Francisco AT&T Stadium as a romantic gesture-no expense spared! The kiss cam at American baseball games always surprises someone and in some stadiums it’ll cost you up to 1500 dollars to get down on one knee.

We’ve done the research for you and found that you can get married in lots of sports venues across Scotland. This is only a small list but we’re sure you could probably tie the knot in most of Scotland’s sports venues.

Hampden Park Glasgow
Murrayfield, Edinburgh
Ibrox, Glasgow
Celtic Park, Glasgow
Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Hamilton Racecourse
Ayr Racecourse
Perth Racecourse
Tulloch Caledonian Stadium, Inverness

What’s great about these wedding venues is they are used to catering for very large parties so you’re numbers probably aren’t going to matter too much. One thing to still consider is your wedding budget and it might be an idea to clarify you wont more than a bovril and a pie for your wedding breakfast? (Although, those might be great ideas for the evening buffet!)

This summer (especially in Glasgow) is the summer of sport. The world cup kicks off this weekend and we’ve still got Formula 1, Wimbledon, British Athletics, Commonwealth Games and the Ryder Cup to look forward to. Finally, to round it all off the Sports Personality of the Year awards is in Glasgow too.

So whether it’s Glasgow, the host city of the Commonwealth games, Edinburgh, the capital city, or the Highlands we’re sure you’ll find the perfect sports wedding venue for your big day!

If a football wedding or sports themed wedding isn’t your kind of thing then we’re going to be featuring some of our favourite Scottish wedding venues over the next few months so be sure to check back and see where we are. If you can’t wait till then check out the venues and locations we’ve already been conducting Humanist marriage ceremonies at.

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