Wedding Bagpipes

Yesterday was International Bagpipe Day so it only seems fair to blog about the internationally recognised instrument.

The bagpipes are an enjoyable addition to your wedding day. Whether your wedding is taking place in a 17th century mansion or outdoors on the beach a piper can help transform your day into something truly unforgettable. Pipers have been entertaining guests at weddings, banquets and parties for centuries and are also considered a cultural Scottish Tradition. The ancient tradition states that if the piper greets the bride before the groom then they are sure to have a long and faithful marriage.

A commonly asked question about having a piper at your wedding is, when should the piper play? Your wedding day could be greatly enhanced with the presence of a traditional piper at many different points.

It’s very popular before the ceremony for a piper to welcome or guide the guests to the venue. Wedding bagpipes can also be used to create a grand entrance for the bridal party and walk the bride down the aisle.

There may be some parts of the wedding ceremony that it is appropriate for the piper to play a small piece of music; this will depend on the couple’s wishes and the type of ceremony they are having.

During the reception the bagpipes can be used to get the guests attention for such events as the arrival and departure of the newlyweds, speeches and cutting of the cake.

If you don’t play the bagpipes or aren’t familiar with traditional Scottish music it can be difficult to pick out tunes you might like your piper to play at your wedding. We’ve picked our top 5 to help give you some suggestions of what you could have on your wedding day.

Flower of Scotland Being the Scottish national anthem it is a popular choice with lots of couples getting married in Scotland. This slow air tune is very popular for walking brides down the isle.

For the love of a princess This tune was made famous from the popular film Braveheart starring Mel Gibson. This tune is sure to set a truly enchanting atmosphere and create a moment that will be memorable and emotional for both you and your guests.

Mairis Wedding This uplifting tunes is perfect for playing as the happy couple exit the church. It is also a popular tune played at the traditional Scottish ceilidh dance after the reception.

Scotland the Brave This a popular choice for piping the bride and groom from the church and many couples are keen to have this featured at some point in their day. It is often a hit with the wedding guests and is known to get them clapping along.

Amazing Grace This lovely hymn is the most requested wedding tune. Although, it is also commonly played at funerals so take caution when choosing this tune and take your guests into consideration.

Are you thinking about having a piper at your wedding?

We are lucky to know and work with some great bagpipe players so don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information.

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