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I’d like to share some beautiful lyrics with you. They are taken from a very passionate piece of music entitled ‘Tutta La Vita’, which translates as ‘All my Life’. It is a love duet.

And I will love you
All my life and even more
The love inside me
Is as big as the sea
And it will be for all my life
This love will burn like fire
Like a star in the sky
Shining for another new love

(Composer- Matteo Saggese, Lyricist- Mimo Vergniaghi)

I’m sharing this with you because there are some truly inspired musical compositions that capture a million emotions. It may be the melody, the lyrics or the story behind the music but it will always linger in your memory and evoke strong feelings every time you hear it.

I had the privilege of creating such a piece last year when one of my close friends tied the knot in a romantic ceremony in the West Highlands. I wanted to do something special and unique for her, something she could treasure and cherish.

As a classical pianist and Scottish harpist, it seemed only fitting that I compose a bespoke piece of music to mark her special day. The gift was kept a secret from the bride until she stepped onto the dance floor and ‘Morag’s Wedding Waltz’ was played for the first time.
I was delighted to hear later that it was one of the couple’s favourite wedding gifts and the framed copy of the score now holds pride of place on the wall by their bedroom door.

The joy of composing music for a wedding day is that it is inspired by the love story two people share and therefore created especially for them.

I work from a wild and remote location in the North-West Highlands with mountains and lochs as my backdrop. When I start a new music project, I often create a vision board with photos, notes and poems pinned up to keep a picture in my mind of the story I am telling.
I always hear the melodies first and weave an accompaniment in as the tune takes shape. As my pen starts to sketch out the notes, more ideas seem to flow until I have the whole outline of the new piece in front of me. I work with both the harp and piano, interweaving the instruments to achieve a musical dialogue, almost like two people sharing their hopes and dreams. When the commission is complete, I like to think that my music will stand as a symbol of the love that has united a couple and the memories of their special day will have been captured for a moment through my melodies.

If you’re thinking about including music into your wedding day, whether it be in the ceremony itself or as the first dance why not get in touch and meet with Alicia. She’ll be able to create something personal that reflects and symbolism your love for each other.

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