Wedding food

When you think of all of the unique ways in which you can make your wedding celebration special, the food that you provide to your appreciative guests must surely feature high on your list.

So, if you want to make them feel special and to show them that you are really really happy to have them share your wonderful day,  then take the time to plan with your caterer a menu that reflects who you are, the food you love to eat and the style of entertaining that your friends and family love you for.

For me, a wedding menu should be about sharing generous, delicious, home-made food and hospitality in the most relaxed and uncontrived of atmospheres. It’s YOUR wedding. Do you really need chicken breasts stuffed with haggis, or some such monstrosity? Can you imagine your guests ever saying – that is the best piece of haggis stuffed chicken I have ever eaten? Really? Instead, think about the food that you love when you are at your most relaxed. On holiday perhaps, or with good friends seated around your table. Whatever that style of eating and entertaining is – that is what will most resonate with your guests on the day.

You love Italian food? Antipasti piled high for people to share? Then choose something like that for your guests – except maybe with Scottish salamis and chorizos (yes, they do exist!). Local artisan breads, dips, drizzles and dunks. Scotland has such an abundance of glorious seasonal produce. Seize the chance to showcase it.

Or maybe middle eastern spices and flavours bring out the hungry epicurean in you – search for Moroccan inspired feasts then, laced with fresh herbs and kick bottom spices, served in bowls at the table.

Puddings? Don’t be lulled into choosing something off a caterer’s menu simply because that is what is on offer. Your day should never be about what makes life easy for your caterer. If you’re a pudding kind of person (I always head straight for the dessert option on any menu!) then surely your wedding day is the one day that you get to ask for something ridiculously fabulous. With bells on.

Your wedding is most likely the biggest dinner party that you will EVER throw. Nothing comes close. Follow your heart when it comes to pulling a menu together that will genuinely WOW your guests. Because honestly? Love is the main ingredient.

When it comes to your wedding we understand that you want the best. We have teamed up with some of Scotland’s most unique and talented caterers to provide you with exceptional food and drink to compliment your big day!

If you would like to meet with any of the caterers or perhaps any other suppliers then feel free to get in touch. We’d be more than happy to help!

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