A very special Loch Lomond wedding

Every ceremony is unique and it doesn’t matter how large, or indeed, how small it is – the couple are the most important part.

Jack and Kelly came all the way from California for their very special day and, as Jack has got his family roots here in Scotland, they wanted to find the absolutely perfect venue.

So what better backdrop than Loch Lomond, framed by the majesty of the mountains all around!

Roni Hyslop of “All Wrapped Up Scotland” managed to secure the perfect place for their marriage ceremony on the shores of the loch at Cameron House.

I had the pleasure of creating their bespoke ceremony for them and, through lots of emails, we built up a lovely relationship. When I finally met them on the day, we just hit it off!

Everything was prepared and the July weather just perfect, the time had arrived.

The piper played and Jack and Kelly came down the path together, through the trees to the water’s edge, where they exchanged their very personal vows, bound themselves together forever and toasted their future with a wee dram of the good stuff.

With only Roni and the photographer Philip Hawkins as their witnesses, they had everything they needed!

“When evening falls, you will look up and there each of you will be.

You will take each other’s hand and turn together to look

at the road you have traveled to reach this, the hour of your happiness.

It stretches behind you and the future lies ahead,

A long, winding road, whose every turning means discovery.

Old hopes, new laughter and shared tears.”

The adventure continues!       Unknown

By Gillian Phillips

Seaton Collegiate Church
In sickness and in health