Humanist Marriage Ceremony at Seamill Hydro Hotel, Ayrshire

A small but perfectly formed beautiful seaside wedding

On a bright February day, I had the honour of conducting a very special marriage ceremony for Shanice and Mark, at the Seamill Hydro Hotel in Ayrshire.

The ceremony took place in the stunning Arran Room at the Hydro and it was small, personal and very intimate, with their family and friends present

With the majestic island of Arran, immediately opposite the ceremony room across the sea, the backdrop to the proceedings was absolutely amazing.

The photographer, Lisa from Rich Pictures, made the most of the beautiful scenery with some great shots on the sand, immediately in front of the hotel and of the hotel’s stylish interior. With the added bonus of her lovely and friendly personality, she always manages to get the best images of her clients!

As usual, Martin and his team at the Seamill Hydro helped to make the ceremony run perfectly from start to finish.  It doesn’t matter whether the wedding is small or large, the fantastic teamwork is always evident and it’s a pleasure to conduct ceremonies there! It’s great to work together on the day with the venue to give the couple their perfect wedding. It is easy to see why Seamill Hydro is one of the most popular wedding venues in Ayrshire.

Without a doubt its magnificent setting, right on the beach and with a huge amount of grand style and comfort, the Seamill Hydro is a venue not to be missed.
By Gillian Phillips

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