Pollokshields Burgh Hall

There was something very special about conducting a wedding ceremony in the place I got married.  Pollokshields Burgh Hall – full of charm with a very laid back atmosphere. It’s a DIY kind of venue; make it your own, dress it the way you want it, eat what you want, do what you want. Perfect for the creative, but no fuss types.

The couple I married here reminded me of ourselves- my husband and I. I felt a lovely happy warmth inside when I conducted the ceremony. Okay, I might even have had a wee tear in my eye as the groom struggled to say his vows without crying. It’s a special place, with beautiful surrounding grounds, in the heart of Glasgow- the place I now call home.

The couple were easy-going, very informal-they even arrived together! They just wanted to have a good time with all the important people in their lives. They were so in love and it was beaming from them that day. What a pair- young, beautiful, in love and on the road to success.

I left the ceremony that day feeling much happiness for them and for myself (with nice memories of getting married there, then going on to have two lovely kids).

Ah, I heart doing this job.

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