5 Days in the Life of a Celebrant

In my role as a Celebrant, I’m often asked, what exactly is it that you do? So here’s a little snapshot of my life……

Friday 26th August:

In the afternoon I conducted a funeral ceremony at the Linn Crematorium for a late gentleman by the name of Campbell, by all accounts a wonderful man. It was an honour to be able to pay tribute to him in the most personal way. I still feel privileged to be asked by families to perform such ceremonies, although there is a great deal of pressure to get it right and I always want to make sure that the tribute is fitting and meaningful.

That evening I was travelling along the M8 in Glasgow when suddenly, out of nowhere, there was a wheel lying in the middle of my lane, which I didn’t see until the last minute thanks to a massive coach in front of me! It was a pretty scary moment as I couldn’t swerve due to traffic on either side of me and had to just kind of drive over the wheel at 60 mph! Needless to say, this didn’t end well. A flat tyre, damage to my exhaust and a bit of swearing from me!

Saturday 27th August:

I needed to be at Boclair House in Bearsden to perform a marriage ceremony and wanted to arrive no later than 12pm, but of course, I was still driving with a spare tyre on at this point and a very shaky exhaust, so avoided the motorway at all costs. Again, a bit of a scary journey through a few quite country roads, not quite sure if my car would get there in one piece! Thankfully I did arrive safely and in plenty of time. I even found a garage across the road form the venue to take care of my car while I performed the ceremony.

I was pretty shattered by this point having not slept much the night before worrying about getting to the wedding venue, but pizza and a glass or two of wine that evening helped!

Sunday 28th August:

Off to the Lynnhurst Hotel in Johnstone to support one of our Celebrants as she performed her first marriage ceremony at this particular venue. The Celebrant had only recently joined our team so I wanted to offer my support and advice as I know the venue very well and regularly mentor our team across Scotland. A lovely afternoon and a job well done by our Celebrant.

Monday 29th August:

Another wedding, this time at Sherbrooke Castle in Glasgow. The ceremony was held outdoors and was perfect. The bride, groom and wedding party all looked amazing and the ceremony was a truly personal and emotional affair.

I was then interviewed by Douglas Fraser from BBC Radio 4 for his business programme, along with the show Producer Dave Howard, who also recorded some audio from the ceremony itself. This was an interesting experience, although I do find being interviewed a little nerve racking, which is strange as I literally talk for a living!

Tueday 30th August:

Had a day off! Yes, a whole actual day off! Well, I mowed the lawn, washed the windows, cleared out my wardrobe and got through two loads of washing! But I also sat in the garden and finished the book I was reading, so it wasn’t all bad!

So there you are folks, a little taste of what it’s like to be a Celebrant. It can be a bit of a rollercoaster at times, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Every day is different and I get to meet lots of interesting characters along the way.

By Victoria Bisland

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