Children at Weddings

Inviting Children to the wedding. Do or don’t?

This topic is always one that creates great discussion. If you have kids yourself then you probably want to invite them, however, it’s like having pets at weddings, where do you draw the line?

Do you only invite children who are family; your own kids, nieces and nephews? Or, what if your best man or bridesmaids have children?

One thing to remember is this is your wedding and it’s your choice. Don’t let others decide for you! Be clear on save the dates and invitations whether children will be invited so that parents can plan accordingly.

No one likes a screaming child through the ceremony so maybe suggest that parents sit on the end of an aisle and that way if a child does become upset they can make a fuss free exit to another room.

The next question is where do you seat them during the meal? Quite often kids will want to sit with their parents, especially if they are younger, so be sure to plan for this. You’ll need to think about what food to order for them too. A kids table may seem like a great idea but be sure to have a couple of older children sitting at it too, in case they need some help!

Children can bring humour and fun to a wedding particularly on the dancefloor! However, weddings can involve a lot of sitting around and can be a bit boring for the little ones so if you are thinking about inviting them then be sure to keep them entertained.

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