Loch Side Wedding

I was due to perform a ceremony for a lovely couple in Glasgow this July, but a couple of months after meeting with the couple, their plans changed significantly, as they found that two were to become three, with the arrival of their first child.

This unexpected little surprise was very much welcome, but it did mean that the idea of a large lavish wedding with many friends and family no longer felt right for them.
The couple opted for a much more intimate wedding, with only a select few immediate family members and opted for a more inspiring location. The ceremony was now to be held on the shores of Loch Doine, a truly beautiful and tranquil spot for a truly personal and intimate ceremony.

The couple and their family booked the gorgeous Monachyle Mhor Hotel for the celebrations following the ceremony and planned a few nights stay at the venue too. Not only is Monachyle Mhor set in an amazing location with the most breath taking views, the Hotel itself is warm and friendly and the staff very welcoming. The facilities were first class and the décor tasteful.

When I arrived, everyone in the wedding party was busy getting organised, including the couple’s pet pooch, who behaved herself impeccably all day. The ceremony was due to begin at 4pm, so at 3.45pm, the groom, his best man and the family members all gathered in the courtyard. We headed off down the hill, all of us in our finery and wellies too!

We had a short trek down the hillside to get to the shores of the Loch and the perfect spot had already been selected. The weather was a little breezy, but certainly warm and pleasant enough for us all to remain at the loch side for the duration of the ceremony, and even the midges behaved themselves!

I must say that of all the ceremonies I have performed, this was one of my favourites so far. There were plenty of tears of joy throughout and it felt so very special to be performing a marriage ceremony with such an intimate group, an obviously close little family unit, and such an amazing backdrop. And of course the exciting new phase which the couple are about to embark upon, that special journey that is parenthood, made the vows they exchanged seem even more profound.

It was genuinely inspiring and quite emotional for me too and I hope to be able to revisit Monachyle Mhor very soon, perhaps even for a little overnight stay.

By Victoria Bisland

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