Meeting Your Celebrant

You’ve booked your celebrant and now you’re ready to meet them to discuss creating your ceremony.

The meeting usually takes place 4-6 months prior to the ceremony. We know that you all work different hours and often work means travel and working away from home. Your celebrant will try to be as flexible as possible with meeting times.

During peak wedding season usually between end the April and September our celebrants diaries are very busy with meeting booked couples and of course, doing what they do best, conducting ceremonies. We have found that the majority of ceremonies do take place at weekends and therefor this is our celebrants busiest time.

What should bring to that first couples meeting?

Both of you!

This allows the celebrant to get to know you both and put faces to names. This is where they will begin to get an idea of what you want to include in your ceremony.

If one of you can’t attend, although we strongly suggest you both do, bring someone else who will be able to remember the important information. eg. bridesmaid, parent, sibling etc.

Pen and Paper

Your celebrant will discuss lots of different options for your ceremony and as they chat through things you may want to note down some ideas you like or other ideas you might have.


You are there to meet your celebrant and this is the best time to ask questions! On the lead up to your meeting jot down any questions you may have and ask them on the day! Don’t worry if you don’t have any!

Anything else

Don’t worry if you leave your meeting and think of lots of questions, that’s perfectly normal! You will be in touch with your celebrant plenty of times between the meeting and your ceremony so there’s lots of time to get things cleared up.

Remember, this is your day and it’s important that you and your partner have a ceremony that reflects both your wishes. We are always on hand to make your day memorable for all the right reasons.

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