On Your Wedding Day

Yay! Your big day has finally arrived!

In our opinion we believe the ceremony is the most important part of the day and we know this day is going to fly by. Your celebrant will do everything they can to make your ceremony as relaxed and enjoyable as possible.

Prior to the day you will have read your ceremony script and will have lots of opportunities to and add/edit/remove anything you wish. As you both will have lots of involvement in the content of this script you’ll know exactly what to expect.

Your celebrant will aim to arrive at the venue approximately 1 hour prior to the ceremony taking place. They will usually catch up with the wedding co-coordinator/duty manager at the venue (if applicable) to make sure they are both on the same page with regards to timings and ushering guests etc. This will also allow the celebrant time to run through the script in the room prior to the guests arriving.

If you’re having a photographer throughout the ceremony and they are at the venue prior to the wedding party arriving your celebrant will go through the ceremony with them and give them a heads up of the great photo opportunities.

Upon arriving at the venue the celebrant will take hold of the Marriage Schedule for signing during the ceremony and will collect this from whom they have arranged.

When all the guests have arrived and have taken their seats your celebrant will introduce the wedding party and will begin the proceedings.

For the next half hour the ceremony will take place and there will be the exchanging of stories, vows, love, laughter and sometimes tears (happy tears of course)!

After the ceremony and upon completion of the marriage schedule your celebrant will pass this to someone for safe keeping. We recommend nominating someone to make sure this doesn’t get lost in the movement of tables etc. Out of the way in a hotel room is a good idea!

The marriage schedule then needs to be returned to the registry office within 3 days of the ceremony taking place. This doesn’t need to be done by either of the two getting married but it HAS to go back within the 3 days. So, if it’s not you returning it, make sure it’s someone who understands the importance of this!

What next?

Enjoy married life together and, congratulations!



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