The Guest List

The Guest List

When it comes to your wedding planning one of the hardest tasks is probably deciding on the guest list. It can be difficult to decide on numbers if one or both families are paying for the wedding. If you’re footing the bill yourself then it might be a little easier as you won’t feel you have to include anyone just because. It’s a nice idea to ask both sets of parents if there are any specific guests they would like as they may have a close friend they’d like to include.

Stay clear of discussing wedding specifics in the early stages that way when people say I can’t wait to come to your wedding you won’t feel obligated to invite them!

Say things like, we’d love to be able to invite everyone but unfortunately our venue and space, budget we won’t be able to/might not be able to!

Where do we start?

Jot down all the names of those you can’t imagine your wedding without. School friends, old friends, university friends, cousins, aunties that are actually your parents’ best friends, etc. Do this without thinking about your budget and the size of your venue. This will help later on when you have to cut down the list

Now you have your full list let’s get realistic, how many can you fit in your venue and what’s your budget. It’s much better to be on the conservative side of the number!

When cutting the list down bear these simple rules in mind.

1- If neither of you has ever spoken to them/met them or even heard their name before-it’s a no-sorry mum!

2- Children? Yes or no. If it’s a yes, is it only children in the wedding party? If it’s children of family where do you draw the line?

3- If you haven’t spoken to them in 3 years and their not family-don’t invite!

4- Between now and your wedding will you meet up with them? If it weren’t for social media would you know what they were up to?

5- Don’t let parents and other guests bully you into inviting someone.

6- Be as fair as possible!

You could have an A list of all those you have to have and then a B list with those you’d like to invite all day but just don’t have the space/budget for. After the first round of invites get sent out you can see how many RSVP’s you get back and if there are a few regrets you can start adding others.

It’s important you enjoy the wedding planning process so try not to get too bogged down in the guest list!

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