Wedding Etiquette

There are many traditions which we uphold in the UK, many wedding do’s and dont’s to follow and a few I bet you hadn’t even thought about! Here’s some to think about…

  • Which side? Traditionally, the bride’s side is to the left, and the groom’s is to the right, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Many couples chose to ask their guests to pick a seat, and not a side! Which I think is a lovely sentiment.
  • What about the little ones? This can be a tricky one and of course, it’s lovely to see children having fun at a wedding, whether it’s a wee girl in her fancy frock or a young lad looking ever so handsome in his suit or kilt, when it comes to infants, this is where it can get a bit awkward. So you’ve invited very close friends or family and their children, but let’s just say one of the bairns is only a few months old. It’s advisable to think about what you (as the couple marrying) want to do if the little one becomes unsettled during the ceremony. If a ceremony is being filmed, it only takes a wee pair of lungs to drown out everything else that is being said. So perhaps think about how you want to handle this. Not everyone will have the tact or sense to take the baby out of the room if the crying gets too bad, so think, have a quiet word with those concerned and perhaps have a bit of a contingency plan in place.
  • Don’t upstage the bride! And by this I refer to a female guest’s choice of outfit. It’s always a good idea to avoid white or ivory, as it’s pretty likely that the bride will have chosen such a colour. It’s unlikely that you will know what colour the bride has picked in advance, so it’s wise to stay on the safe side.
  • To snap or not to snap! Do you allow guests to take photos during your ceremony? Think carefully about this one. And if you are okay with guests taking lots of snaps, think about whether you want these to be posted on to any social media sites. Guests will inadvertently get carried away and post snaps of the happy couple before the evening guests arrive, so if you don’t want the outfits revealed to your evening guests on Facebook and you’d rather they wait until they see you both in person, then make sure you tell your Celebrant so that an announcement can be made at the start of the ceremony asking guests to either refrain from taking photos or refrain from posting them socially.

So with everything else you need to think about when planning your big day, which let’s face it isn’t much!! Don’t forget the etiquette!

By Victoria Bisland

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