‘Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt’ John Muir.

Earlier this year the perfect match – Gael Marshall and John Hartley – picked an inspiring place to ‘tie the knot’.

Both are crazy about mountain biking and met through their love of the sport. So why not marry at the starter’s box at the World Cup Mountain Downhill course near the top of the UK’s highest mountain Ben Nevis? And ride down afterwards… brilliant idea.  Their endeavour was not for the faint hearted … riding this course, not marriage that is!

Here are a few stats: It’s an orange extreme (previously graded ‘black’), it’s 2.82km, 555m vertical descent and even more challenging in a wedding dress.

Although Gael opted for slightly more sensible white shorts in the end.

Everyone assembled at the chosen spot: friends (with mountain bikes in tow, of course), family, and even John’s nan.  She couldn’t hide her astonishment at having to take a Gondola to a Wedding.

With the sun high in the sky on a cloudless day, a spectacular view opened before the guests.  The ceremony was perfect, touching, funny and deeply personal. They were pronounced husband and wife, just as they wanted, by Anne Widdop, the local celebrant and founder of the Fuze Foundation.  Their Humanist marriage ceremony enabled them to marry in a place special to them and they quoted several words from John Muir reflecting their love and deep respect for the outdoors.

It was an adventure for everyone and the ride down was amazing end to a most unusual ceremony, one that no-one present will ever forget.

The team at Fuze Ceremonies wish John and Gael a long and happy marriage and many years of getting dirty.

Fuze Foundation is a not-for-profit trust established to offer Humanist and Secular Ceremonies and to provide assistance to Humanitarian causes.

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