Finding a good wedding supplier

Planning your wedding can be an overwhelming experience. There is a wealth of information from everyone and anyone on just about everything!

Your wedding is supposed to be one of the most memorable and magical days of your life and with that being said, the planning and organising should be memorable for all the right reasons.

In Scotland we are lucky to have a vast amount of amazing suppliers that really do pride themselves on providing both an exceptional and high quality service but sadly, in recent months we have heard far too many stories about couples that have been let down by their suppliers.

When choosing your wedding suppliers, you put a huge amount of trust (and money) into them providing a desirable service for your big day. We understand just how important it is for you to find the right, reliable person for the job.

At Fuze Ceremonies we are very lucky to have great working relationships with some of Scotland’s most prestigious suppliers. From venues, photographers, videographers, wedding planners, caterers, florists, and entertainment – we work with the best!

Here are just a few things to think about when thinking about your suppliers.

Top Tips when choosing suppliers:

Word of mouth is one of the most reliable sources of information. We’ve heard that the average unhappy customer will tell at least 10 people about their bad experience. One customer’s negative experience could have a detrimental effect on a business. There are many different social media mediums where you can hear lots of real and honest reviews from people that have already tried and tested a supplier’s service.

Be sure to ask lots of questions when meeting someone for the first time. Find out what they’ve done in the past and whether this is a full-time job or a hobby. It’s a good idea to ask to look at previous work they’ve done. Also, check out their Social Media accounts.  You will get a better idea of who they are as a supplier.

Be sure to sign a contract. This will confirm the services to be received and will outline anything you may be responsible for. Having a contract protects you and the supplier so if they don’t get you to sign one-find out why! It’s better to protect yourself from the beginning to avoid any disappointment.

We understand that sticking to a wedding budget can be hard. It’s easy for your imagination to run away with you especially when you have things like pinterest and instagram. However, cost doesn’t necessarily reflect the quality of the product or service you’re receiving.  A supplier may be charging too much, because they’re struggling to make ends meet, or another may be a lot cheaper because they want any business they can get. It’s important to shop around and ask for advice from those who have been in your situation before.  Just remember that a price that is too good to be true can sometimes be that.

Bear in mind that a lot of suppliers pay to be a part of a directory or a magazine. Just because they have the money to advertise doesn’t mean they have an established reputation.

Make sure they have insurance. Any professional will have at least public liability insurance in place.

Finally, follow your instinct.  If you have even the slightest inkling the supplier might not be quite for you, seek to obtain reassurance from them. And if you don’t feel reassured, don’t put down that deposit.  Look for someone else.

Happy wedding planning x


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