No flowers please

Many families ask that you don’t send flowers when some-one dies.

Many of us feel the need to do something, some gesture if not flowers … a card?

If you’ve looked at sympathy cards, they can be, awful.

So what to do?  

It has become increasingly common that there is a collection for charity at the end of a funeral ceremony, so what could be a better and fitting gesture.

Choose a charity and donate the same amount of money you would have spent on flowers.

You can share this gesture with the family.   Many charities are struggling for funds and all need more money to help them continue with their good work.  There is an even greater need in our society and many in need of the help and assistance provided by Charities.

Sadly, the public are giving less than they were before, so give to charity.  You may also consider supporting the Fuze Foundation.

The money raised by us is used to provide free ceremonies for those in need, for children and for couples who have had a still birth.

Contact us for more information about how you can help us help others.

Anne Widdop – Chairperson

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