Spring has sprung

It’s time to pack away those hats, scarves and gloves and get yourself a pair of sunglasses. Winter is officially over! Would you believe it?  It was only a couple of weeks ago, even days ago that we were braced with freezing temperatures, wind, snow and sleet so it’s hard to believe that things are (should be) brightening up.

How many of you will be marking the arrival of Spring in the traditional way of having a spring clean? It has been suggested that spring cleaning comes from the beginning of the Persian new year which falls on the 1st day of spring. Everything within the house is given a thorough clean to start the year, it’s a ritual followed by many.

Are you planning a spring wedding? 

Summer used to top the lists of the most popular season to get wed but we are seeing more and more couples opt for a Spring wedding. Spring is a very popular time for wedding shows, so if you’re looking to meet with different suppliers why not plan to attend a couple.

With the arrival of Spring comes the want for an outdoor ceremony. Choosing a Humanist ceremony allows you the freedom to opt for an outdoor ceremony if you wish. If your Plan A was to marry in the ceremony room within the hotel but it turns out to be a beautiful day, we can move to Plan B and take advantage of the beautiful weather and move outdoors. Your celebrant personally holds the license to marry making it entirely possible, yet still dignified and legal.

If you are looking to have a Humanist marriage ceremony you have the option of including symbolic gestures. A fitting gesture to coincide with your spring wedding would be the planting of a tree. This symbolises the start of a new life, nurturing, and growing stronger together. If you’re planning your wedding in your family home, then planting a tree within your garden would be a wonderful idea.

Flowers will most likely be on your mind.  The availability and abundance of flowers at this time of year may even make your choice that little bit harder.

Now that spring has sprung we can look forward to longer days of sunshine and blooming flowers. Remember, with the arrival of Spring comes those April showers so don’t put the umbrella away just yet…

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