Serendipity: Meaning: ‘the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way’

Gillian Phillips , one of our first celebrants to train with Fuze recalled when she met the team on her last day working for Debenhams. Morag and Anne met her in the changing rooms, of all places.  Morag was buying a suit to wear when conducting ceremonies !

‘From the moment I met you and experienced your superb positivity and enthusiasm for what you were doing, I got my mojo back, well and truly! Having returned from living abroad and knowing that I wanted to do something fulfilling and worthwhile, I was in a bit of a hiatus in my working life. As soon as I spoke to you I somehow knew that training to be a Celebrant was going to be life-changing for me!’

Fuze trained and supported Gillian through her first Funerals, Namings and Marriage ceremonies. She said ‘ Fuze delivered an excellent training package to me and the support and encouragement that came with it were fantastic. Victoria, Anne and Morag really have a great knack of bringing out the best in people,whilst allowing them to develop through their own ideas’

Fuze helped smooth her path to a wonderful and very enjoyable new career as a celebrant.

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