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Bridal Wedding Accessories

So, at this point you have already found the perfect dress? But you aren’t quite finished yet!

You still have all the little ends to tie up when it comes to your outfit….and in my opinion, this is the most exciting part! How you accessorise your dress can drastically change your outfit if you do it right and there are many gorgeous bits and pieces out there just waiting for you to discover.

A vintage tiara, encrusted in vintage jewels and freshwater pearls can help you to add a touch of 50’s glamour to your wedding outfit without the in-your-face bling that often accompanies some of the newer designs. You should keep an eye out for these at second-hand events and there are also many websites who specialise in vintage wedding accessories.

A statement sash added around the waist of your dress really can transform your outfit completely. Whether it’s a simple sash, diamante embellished or a 3D floral design it’s a great way to add a touch of your personality to your dress whilst also accentuating and clinching you in at the waist.

Floral statement hair accessories were everywhere last summer and it is a trend that is set to follow through to this summer also. These hair garlands were a popular choice with festival goers last year and this year we are seeing this trend move onto the bridal catwalk. This is my favourite accessory trend at the moment, although you will need to think carefully about whether this co-ordinates with your theme. This trend would be suited to a bride with a bohemian themed outfit.

A one of a kind vintage necklace is a great way to add glam to a simple dress but it can also enhance a more detailed dress. This is one of the accessory trends that could be adapted no matter what your dress is like. This type of accessory is great as you won’t feel guilty spending a lot of money on it as you will be able to wear it again with many different outfits after your wedding.

There are many other ways that you can style your wedding outfit such as bling earrings, shoes, statement head dresses-the possibilities are endless. It is often a good idea to pick from just two categories as to not over do it and mix and match to create your perfect look. It is often a good idea to identify which theme your wedding falls into such as Bohemian, Hollywood Glamour or Vintage and to choose your accessories according to this.

What accessories have you decided on for your big day?

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