Becoming a parent for the first time is one of the most amazing, but also challenging experiences in life. At first, you are filled with so many different emotions; love and affection for your child, excitement about their arrival, fear and trepidation about the future.  You’re looking forward to watching your child grow and nurturing them to become healthy and happy, but also terrified about making a mess of it all!

It can all be rather overwhelming, because even though you have felt this little life growing inside you for many months and have everything prepared at home, nothing can really prepare you for the outpouring of emotions you experience when you hold your child in your arms for the first time.

All of a sudden, this little bump that you’ve felt kicking inside you for such a long time is right in front of you, and you don’t quite know what to do!  The little one is so tiny and delicate at first that it can be pretty terrifying, but of course, you learn as you go along and before you know it, they are running around, covered in mud and asking for yet another biscuit!

I recently became an aunt for the first time, which was a different experience all together.  A new addition to the family is always a joyous time, but the arrival of my niece has brought up a lot of emotions for me that I didn’t expect.  It has taken me right back to when my daughter was born 15 years ago.

Knowing what my brother and his wife are experiencing is wonderful, but I also completely understand how overwhelmed they must both be feeling at the moment, and I don’t mean that in any kind of negative way, as overwhelming feelings are not necessarily negative.

I’m so happy that they have both embarked on this crazy and amazing journey called parenthood and I can’t wait to watch my niece grow and develop.
And she’s absolutely gorgeous too, just like her Mum and Dad (and aunty of course!)

by Victoria Bisland

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