For centuries, Valentine’s day has been associated with love and romance. It’s not a day you may associate with death and loss, but there are lots of ideas that can help families celebrate the life of their loved ones and express feelings of love to those no longer with us.

1. Keep the conversation Going
Why not gather family and friends to take part in a storytelling afternoon or evening? Guests could be asked to select one of the theme cards a family member (or you) have made already. These cards can contain prompts such as “Nicknames through the years “, “Favourite Memory”, Favourite Piece of Music” or “Favourite Hobby”. The story that comes to mind is then shared with the group.

2. Make a scrapbook
You could do this on your own or with family and friends to create a special book of memories. You can use pictures of the people or persons who have passed away or even things that remind you of them too, like concert ticket stubs, a photo of their favourite perfume or saying. This can be done online or the good old-fashioned way with glue and a scrapbook.

3. Create a Photo Puzzle
This is a wonderful activity for small children to keep the memories of grandparents and older aunts and uncles alive by turning photographs into puzzles. This will provide a physical, tangible reminder of the loved one. Plus, it can encourage the younger generation to continue to connect with the lost elder in an ongoing way.

4. Make a Wardrobe Wreath
Encourage family and friends to attend an event in which they transform items of their loved one’s clothing into a colorful wreath. A lady’s scarves or child’s colorful T-shirts could be cut into colorful strips and twined together to create a lasting piece of decor. Or make a decorative wreath out of Dad’s old ties.

5. Create a Tribute Video
These videos are easy-to-create tributes and can often be a great way to start the sharing of memories. They can also be uploaded to the loved one’s social memorial website, so they are available for friends and family to view anytime, anywhere.

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