Innovative ways of saving the planet after you die

It’s important for all of us to think about how life, and death, can impact this beautiful planet.

Death remains a taboo in our society, but talking about it and finding out what choices are available to us will help us all make the right – and hopefully environmentally kind – choices.

Currently, we cut down trees make coffins which are then normally coated in chemicals, so they last for centuries.  Not only are we then putting these chemicals in the ground, which can, over time, enter the watercourse; we are using up valuable land in the process.

What about Cremation?  It may sound like a more natural option, but in truth it isn’t much better.  Cremation is an incredibly energy-intensive process, and it also releases a significant amount of greenhouse gases and toxins into the environment. In the UK, for example, cremation is responsible for 16 percent of the country’s mercury pollution thanks to all our old dental fillings.

In short, we need to find better options.

One innovative method is profiled in the link below.

Find out more here –

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