Millennials are fuelling the ‘experience’ economy

Millennials (born 1980 – 1996) are entering their prime. In the UK, they are a quarter of the population (or 17 million people).

Millennials not only highly value experiences, but they are increasingly spending time and money on them – concerts, social events, athletic pursuits, cultural experiences and events of all kinds.

And that’s exactly what Fuze offer … unforgettable experiences.

We’ve launched our new service Life Stories, if you are old enough to remember ‘This is your life’ you’ll get it, if not … our team will organise a surprise presentation – featuring your ‘guest of honour’ telling a bit of their story – illustrated with pictures and video.

So, if you are not a millennial – why not be like them – enhance your party with a personal and highly entertaining presentation.

Contact us now for more information on 0800 014 8237  or contact us here


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