Questions to ask your Celebrant

A Wedding Ceremony one of the most important events in anyone’s lifetime.  Because of this, we encourage couples to start planning their big day as soon as they can.  All the effort and care put into planning and every single penny spent is an investment in a life-long story of love, commitment and joy.

One of the first things you need to decide is what this day means to you both and then you can go about planning how you’ll want capture what you have imagined. The next thing is to set the all important budget, and be realistic about what you can and want to spend.

Then you can conduct your research and ask the right questions of all potential wedding suppliers, such as, are there any additional costs I need to consider? (travel costs, setup fees, etc…)

Even if you are great at planning, it is still likely that you will miss some crucial and potentially money saving steps in the process. So remember, and don’t be afraid to ask, ask, and ask!

Even if you’re not planning a wedding, but are looking to engage with a Celebrant or supplier for any other occasion, our guide will help too. So, read on.

We’re always here to answer any question you may have about ceremonies, but here are some questions you should consider asking:

What is you fee and what services do you provide?

When choosing a wedding supplier or Celebrant, select one that offers more than just a standard script. The best Celebrants are proud to work closely with you and your partner to compose a bespoke ceremony, that reflects your personalities and wishes for your future together.

Although many of the services you will need for planning your wedding are not in the Celebrant’s scope of responsibility, most have got to know many other suppliers and are happy to recommend those they know well, e.g Photographer/Videographer, and this personal recommendation can be a big help.

Here are some additional questions you should ask:

Will we be given the chance for suggestions and revisions of the wedding ceremony script?
Can you tell me where I can get special ceremony elements, such as hand fasting material, candle lighting kits, etc?
Can you help with locating a hair and makeup stylist, DJ and/or refer other suppliers?
Do you offer wedding rehearsals or guidance on how to conduct a wedding rehearsal effectively?

If this is a very small wedding or elopement, ask:
Can you provide the witnesses, as required by law?
Can you help with location or suggestions for free venue sites?

Ask if they provide other resources, such as:
Examples of personal vows, readings and symbolic gestures.
Incorporating contributions from family and friends into the ceremony.

Why is it more important to ask a supplier about their services than their fees?

It is important to ask a potential supplier what services they provide before booking because many of these items have the potential to take you over your budget if overlooked.

Don’t assume that the supplier with the lowest cost automatically represents the best deal. Remember, cheaper is not always better; in fact, it seldom is! Some suppliers are happy to negotiate so there is no harm in asking.
Take into account that higher quotes may include services you want that are not normally included in lower priced packages.

Do you work with other wedding professionals?

An experienced Celebrant has worked with many wedding professionals and may have good reviews from couples and venues. They should equally have reviews from colleagues and fellow suppliers, such as photographers, DJs, musicians, wedding planners, etc. These are people they can vouch for, and, more importantly, these are people who can also vouch for the Celebrant.

The reviews you often see on an Celebrant’s profile on popular sites, like Tie the Knot Scotland, Scottish Wedding Directory and Facebook forums are reviews from couples and families a Celebrant has worked with.  Check out the Fuze Facebook Page for just some of the wonderful reviews left by our couples and familes.

How much effort will you put in composing my ceremony?

Anyone can go online and find a sample ceremony, fill in the blanks and hey presto! But this is your day, and your wedding should be reflective of who you are as a couple.

Your story in not like anyone else’s, nor should your wedding ceremony be. What makes the wedding uniquely yours is adding those personal touches, such as your journey as a couple. This is a great way of celebrating the major milestones in your relationship so far, before you take the step in to the next chapter of your story together.

Our Celebrants will spend several hours composing your ceremony and will edit the ceremony script as many times as you like, until it’s just perfect for you.

What happens if you are not able to make it to my wedding?

Ask if the Celebrant has a back-up process if something happens to them and they must unexpectedly cancel. At Fuze, we have a full back up process in place, giving our couples and families the peace of mind that they would never be left without a Celebrant on the day. Even if the Celebrant is changed at the last minute, it will still be the original ceremony composed for the couple or family that is delivered on the day.

Do you carry professional liability insurance?

Liability insurance protects you in case an unfortunate accident occurs on the date of your event. Reputable experienced suppliers and Celebrants should answer “Yes” to this question. At Fuze, we are fully insured and disclosure checked. Couples should avoid booking with suppliers that do not carry professional liability insurance.

Do you have an online social media presence?

Just like with liability insurance, reputable businesses will appear online in various ways, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other forums. Less reputable suppliers tend not to participate on social media, as new customers will be able to quickly learn from the feedback posted by previous unhappy customers and stay away.

To whom are you accountable?

Accountability is vitally important! Any reputable supplier or wedding professionals should have some credentials that legitimise the work they do. For instance, at Fuze, we are governed by the Registrar General of Scotland and follow the legal requirements, codes of conduct and best working practices set out by them when conducting Humanist Marriage Ceremonies and adhere to the practices set out by the National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD) when conducting Funeral Ceremonies.

Accountability also means that if you have an issue or complaint with your wedding supplier, which they fail to resolve to your satisfaction, that you can then escalate your complaint to the relevant governing body.

Do you use an agreement or contract?

Hiring, booking, or retaining a wedding professional should necessitate the implementation a formal agreement or contract. Most agreements and contracts are usually designed to protect both the client and the supplier.  All reputable suppliers should have some type of agreement. We would caution any couple doing business with a supplier who does not use some form of contractual agreement, as this leaves you as the customer with no protection or legal rights.

What is your cancellation policy?

Life seldom goes as planned; there are those times when a cancellation of a service is necessary. Ask if the supplier’s contract has a provision for cancellations.  Also ask if all or part of your deposit is refundable if you cancel before a certain point or date.

We hope this helps with you planning and supplier selection, but don’t forget we are always on hand to answer any questions here at HQ.  You can give us a call on 0800 014 8237 or get in touch here

Love Fuze Ceremonies x


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