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The majority of couples will envisage themselves sipping champagne on their wedding day beneath a cloudless sky with the sun’s warming rays casting an ethereal glow over the day’s proceedings; however, Scotland, as we all know, can occasionally have very different ideas.  After all, it’s not bright green and covered in cascading waterfalls and mile deep lochs for nothing!  Scotland is gloriously beautiful, but weather-wise it’s incredibly unpredictable, so having a plan-b in the form of a stylish cover-up is pretty much an essential part of a Scottish wedding.        

The right cover-up can truly enhance a wedding dress and over the years, we have seen some fabulous examples of how to keep warm whilst simultaneously looking EXTRA!  While you can’t beat a trusty pashmina or traditional stole to keep the chill at bay, we have compiled our top-ten unconventional cover-ups to give our brides-to-be some serious aisle style inspiration! 

The Woolly Jumper

When Elena and Fritz married on a wild afternoon on Skye, nobody paid heed to the crazy weather because they were all too busy being completely in love with Elana’s woolly jumper!  Elana opted for an Icelandic knit, but the world of wool is your oyster and brides can opt for anything from a traditional Arran to a fluffy whimsical mohair number.  Not only will wool keep you cosy, it also compliments a traditional wedding dress beautifully by adding a touch of softness and texture. 

Lynne Kennedy Photography

The Leather Jacket

Supercool Glasgow duo, Ayden and Pete, married at Camusdarach Beach amidst a wet and wild west coast storm, but Ayden couldn’t care less as she came well prepared!  Not only did her fabulous bespoke, tasselled leather jacket protect her from the elements, it also looked absolutely INCREDIBLE with her beautifully feminine wedding dress.  For girls with a funky side, the leather jacket/wedding dress combo is the ultimate choice to express your personality.  

Ashley Baxter at Girl with a Camera

The Tartan Wrap

For those seeking a more traditional look for your Scottish nuptials, you can’t go wrong with one of these gloriously cosy tartan wraps from the Tartan Blanket Company.  When Stephanie married Richard in Fairlie last year, she opted to wear a Tartan Blanket Company wrap to protect her from the weather.  Not only did the wrap fulfil its functional purpose, it also added some serious romance to the day and pulled the bridal look together by tying in with Stephanie’s bountiful bouquet and flower crown. 

The Sequin Jacket

The disco divas amongst us will not be disappointed when we tell you that sequin wedding dresses and accessories are a humungous wedding trend this year.  If you’re not quite sold on the idea of a full sequin wedding gown, why not team a sequin jacket with a traditional dress?  After all, a touch of sparkle against a moody Scottish sky would make for some extra special and memorable wedding photography.

Society Bride

The Colour-pop Cardigan

If you’re loving the rainbow rush wedding trend, but you’re not keen on fully committing, a pop of colour in the form of a cosy cardigan will simultaneously keep you warm and deviate from the norm!  A colourful cardigan will add softness and texture to your wedding dress and can even tie in with flowers, bridesmaid dresses and more.


The Faux Fur Coat

For those of you who really feel the cold, the faux fur coat will protect you from the elements on even the coldest of Scottish winter days.  When American lovebirds, Kirsten and Keenan, married at Castle Tioram on winter solstice last year, it was bitterly cold, but Kirsten was none the wiser in her fabulous fur.  

Silver Photography

The Feathered Cape

When Kirsty married Stephen in St Andrews, she made a serious statement by wearing this delightfully glamorous feathered cape.  Not only did the feathered cape add a tonne of elegance and romance to the day, it also served a purpose by keeping the chill off Kirsty’s arms and neck.    

Loraine Ross Photography

The Bridal Blazer

For the brides-to-be amongst us who aren’t entirely comfortable with overly feminine or statement cover-ups, a bridal blazer is the perfect option.  The tailored nature of blazers gives a stunning outline, looks gloriously chic and dresses up a wedding gown without pushing you out of your comfort zone.

Dean Alexander


The Denim Jacket

More and more brides are teaming denim jackets with their wedding gowns and we’re loving it!  On paper, the fusion between the two doesn’t sound great, but the reality is not only fabulous, it’s also incredibly practical for keeping the weather at bay for short periods of time.  Why not go the extra mile and have your denim jacket personalised by having it embroidered with words and/or statements of your choice?

Be Here Be Now


The Veil

We have to admit that this wondrous disco dot veil by Cornish company, Crown and Glory, will do very little to protect you from the elements, but we had to feature it simply because it would look completely mind-blowing on a heathery hillside on a windy and wild wedding day!

Feature photograph by Browns of Totnes

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