Humanist Ceremonies are on the Rise

Come Join Us!

Prior to the year 2000, the majority of Brits had probably never even heard of an avocado or a selfie-inducing smart phone, but nineteen years into the new century, our avocados are smashed and our selfies are unabashed!  It’s not all food fads and self-obsession though, a new philosophy has sprung out of the 21st Century, one that encourages us to own our individuality and embrace our differences.   

Over the past few years, we’ve noticed that this empowering ethos has even managed to wangle its way into the wonderful world of weddings!  According to the 2018 Bridebook Wedding Report, couples have become BIG on individuality, with venue dressing, flowers and even wedding day drinks being personalised to within an inch of their lives.  Here at Team Fuze, we’re saying a big CHEERS to that, after all, weddings shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all events, a wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion and should 100% reflect the couple.

It’s not only wedding receptions that are becoming more personalised; bespoke, tailormade Humanist wedding ceremonies are now the most popular way to say “I do” here in Scotland, with almost 50% of all marriage ceremonies being conducted by Humanist Celebrants.  Naturally, we LOVE this fact!!  Humanist ceremonies are highly personal, incredibly powerful and packed with personality so it’s no surprise that so many couples are choosing Humanist Celebrants to bring out the wows during the vows!

Unfortunately, England and Wales are yet to follow in the forward-thinking footsteps of Scotland, Ireland and Jersey and Humanist ceremonies are STILL not legally recognised in either country.  The issue is currently being addressed in Parliament so we’re hopeful that lawmakers change their minds in the coming months and years, especially as a recent YouGov survey showed that over 70% of the British population were in support of Humanist ceremonies being legally recognised in England and Wales.  

One would think that the archaic marriage laws south of the border might halt loved-up couples chasing their bespoke ceremony dreams, but you’d be wrong!  In 2018, only 27% of English and Welsh couples married in religious ceremonies, meaning a HUGE number of couples were married by Registrars.  There are no official figures to confirm how many of these Registrar-married newlyweds went on to enjoy Humanist or alternative ceremonies thereafter, but our English and Welsh Celebrant friends confirm that they are busier than ever.  

After a career as a Registrar for many years, Sue Dewing from Cambridgeshire, decided to retrain as a Celebrant in 2016 and since then, her bookings have increased by a third year-on-year.  Sue told us that her couples “love the freedom of choice and personalisation this kind of ceremony offers”. 

So with the popularity of Humanist ceremonies soaring both at home and further afield, we have been very busy bees.  Not only have Team Fuze been Celebranting their socks off, we’ve also found the time to launch the first fully accredited Celebrant Diploma and have been awarded a much coveted SQA Certification for both our Training Centre and for our Celebrant Diploma!  It’s the first of its kind in Scotland and is leading the UK in ensuring professional standards are being met by Celebrants.   

Anne Widdop, the founding Director of Fuze Ceremonies, said: ‘It is really important that the role of being a Celebrant is recognised as a Profession.  I want the public to see that our team are expertly trained and formally accredited and that they meet the highest standards possible.  They are, after all, being entrusted to deliver the ceremonies that are pivotal in people’s lives, such as Weddings and Funerals, so there is no room for error.  My aim is for the Fuze Ceremonies Celebrants to be recognised as the best in the business.  It’s been a lot of hard work gaining SQA’s stamp of approval, but it is worth it”.

Fuze Ceremonies are offering the Celebrant and Public Speaking Diploma as an online training course and are already training candidates in England, Wales and Northern Ireland with the hope of spreading out Internationally as the year progresses.  For further information, click here.



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