With the first flock of our Celebrant Academy fledglings about to fly the nest, it has got us thinking about what it takes to succeed, not just as a Celebrant, but in every element of life, be it professionally or personally. 

After a good old-fashioned brainstorming session at Fuze HQ, we’ve identified a number of habits that we can all develop, which will hopefully make a positive impact on both our personal and professional lives and allow us to be the best possible version of ourselves. 

Buoyed by our new, inspirational findings, we thought we would create a series of ‘Thursday Thoughts’ blogs where we share our findings with you, and the first in the series encourages you to Dream Big!  

Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the Human spirit.  We are all the same in this notion – the potential for greatness lives within every one of usWilma Rudolph

We are all different and we all have talents.  Converting our unique abilities into something valuable requires having a dream, a passion, a plan and a desire to reach your full potential.  You will meet people every day that you recognise as having an inherent talent, but they don’t seem to be able to use it.  They may be great communicators, they may be carers, they may be fixers, have great minds and imagination, but their skills are underestimated and underutilised.

Dreaming Big – It all starts with a dream, so how do you get started?

Channel negativity

Many people have been told in the past that they were useless and would never make anything of themselves.  Many successful people have said that they used the negativity from that feeling in a positive way to prove them wrong.  Negative comments hurt and can continue to burn inside you.  Use these comments as a way to fuel your desire and ambition.

Have an outrageous dream 

People who are successful have said they have never been constricted by a lack of money or knowledge, or by convincing themselves that ‘the timing is not right’.  

Don’t let adulthood get in the way of your dream

Children have dreams, to be a teacher, a train driver, an astronaut – they don’t usually have dreams about being an accountant and yet they may well end up doing just that.  Why do we have the ability to dream as a child and then as we go through life, these dream diminish and may be driven out of us?    

Stop agonising and start organising

There is nothing worse that working hard, with no real aim, just in the hope that an opportunity will appear.  In line with this, we will leave this week’s ‘Thursday Thought’ with a great quote from the great Greek Philosopher, Epictetus: 

“First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do”.  

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