Flower Power

Swooning Over Floral Arches

From foliage and flowers to bushes and blooms, our leaf clad friends have played a huge part in wedding ceremonies for thousands of years.  Ancient Roman brides would carry hand-tied sheaths of wheat embellished with branches of fruit trees to signify fertility and abundance.  In ancient Greece, brides and grooms would wear garlands and crowns made of olive branches and scented orange blossom to honour Hera, the Goddess of Marriage and Fertility.  In far less romantic ceremonies, Egyptian brides would wear thyme and garlic to shield them against evil spirits, and back here in Blighty, 16th Century peasant brides would carry a pungent bouquet of roses and herbs to mask the smell of their own body odour! 

Thankfully for 21st Century brides, soap and warm water are very easy to come by and there’s certainly no need to ward away evil spirits, unless wicked Aunt Delila decides to make a reappearance! 

Nowadays, modern wedding flowers are all about the WOW factor and one of the best ways to add some serious va-va-voom to your wedding day bloom is by investing in a floral arch.

Planet Flowers at Dundas Castle

Traditionally, one of the most swooned over photographs in a wedding album is the image of a newly married couple standing hand in hand under the stone arched entrance of a church, but with more and more couples turning their backs on religious ceremonies, the traditional church arch has moved with the times and undergone a magical metamorphosis.  Say hello to the fully transportable floral arch!

Jack Fleuriste at Glenfernate Lodge by One Big Picture Photography.

Naturally, this level of beauty doesn’t come cheap, but it’s important to spend money where it will have the most impact and with thousands of weddings under our belt, Team Fuze can assure couples that floral arches are always the talk of the ceremony.

Mood at The Cruin by The Gibsons Photographers.

From minimalist creations to elaborately put together structures cascading with beautiful blooms, floral arches create the most magical, exquisite and inspiring wedding backdrops.  As with all couples, no two are ever the same, and a floral arch can truly reflect a couples personal style and individuality.  From beaches and woodlands to castles and marquee entrances, floral arches work spectacularly at all wedding venues and can incorporate fresh blooms, foliage, fruit branches, fairy lights and even be draped in fabric.   They can frame entrances, act as top table backdrops, signify where guests should head to next or be used as standalone “alters” where couples can say “I do” beneath their favourite flowers.

Triangle Nursery at Newton Farm Beach by Camera Hannah.

Couples can opt for a simple but effective lightly covered arch with a small amount of twine or ivy complemented by a handful of seasonal flowers.  Or why not up the ante slightly with a medium covered arch, which might include foliage around the archway with a large number of flowers along the top which then fade into the foliage further down the sides?  However, if you really want to go to town, why not go for a full coverage bushy extravaganza!

Mood at Fernie Castle by Anna Urban Photography.

There are many fabulous florists all over Scotland creating exceptional floral arches and our current favourites are Mood, Glasgow; Jack Fleuriste, Edinburgh and Planet Flowers, Edinburgh.  However, if you feel like getting creative, why not make your own masterpiece like our wondrous couple, Brian and Annie, who were married by Tegan Elder last year on West Sands beach in St. Andrews…

Homemade floral and fabric arch on West Sands Beach, St. Andrews


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